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Carriage Driver Horror Game - WORK IN PROGRESS

This is the newest and most exciting game project that we have only just begun working on. It is very much a work in progress as we begin to lay out the foundations of the game design and world. 

Brief Description

  • Carriage Driver Horror Game (Title WIP) will be formatted as a 2D top-down game combined with a visual novel-esque appearance during dialogue scenes. The game’s world takes place in a cowboy-tech setting where ghouls, abominations, demons, doppelgangers, and many other horrors exist alongside humans. The world is depicted as being dark, gloomy, and under constant rain showers, reflective of the hopelessness seen in humanity’s struggle to survive in such a harsh and dangerous world. The player’s job, on the surface, is to travel through a randomly generated world on a horse-drawn carriage to pick up strangers and drop them off at their desired destinations (like a taxi service). However, said task is more challenging than it seems as the people the player will be picking up (the passengers) may be weird, creepy, murderous, or, perhaps, not even people at all, with each having their own unique demands that may or may not conflict with the player and/or the other passengers on board. The more the player interacts with these people/creatures, the more the player completes the overall goal of filling out the Bestiary: a book that has tasked the player character to fill it out to completion if the player character wants to be free of its curse. The Bestiary also acts as a tool the player can use as it contains vital information about the needs, wants, and don’t-wants of every creature in the game (after, in some way, gaining the information). With enough successful carriage trips, the player’s reputation will keep increasing to the point where the player unlocks access to higher-level maps that contain new, and perhaps more dangerous, passengers in order for the player to eventually complete the Bestiary and beat the game.

If you would like more information, I would have to communicate with you directly.


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