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What You'll Find Here

On the "Dungeons & Dragons" portion of my site, you will find my session notes, world-building notes, lore notes, and even maps and other miscellaneous files from a variety of my homebrew Dungeons & Dragons campaigns (I have run and am currently running official adventures but there is no need to put my notes for those games here since they aren't entirely my stories). These files/documents are not necessarily in an organized manner. You are free to browse at your leisure and look into anything that may catch your eye. Have fun perusing about!

(These campaigns are in chronological order with the oldest at the bottom and newest at the top)


Currently a work in progress, Soffell is my most ambitious Dungeons & Dragons campaign to date. I am building a world from scratch and fleshing it out with intensive detail and care. Below is what I currently have completed. (Don't worry, my players can't see this ;))

(This campaign will use D&D 5e rules)

The Holy Grail Campaign

A homebrewed campaign setting that lasted around a year in its lifespan. The number of players reached a maximum of 7 at one point. One of my most memorable and proud moments as a DM came from this campaign: one of the players was so invested in the events of the story that it caused him to cry! The crying itself is not what I am proud of (obviously) but having the ability to craft a story that can connect to someone on that deep of an emotional level is what I am proud of.

(We used D&D 5e for the system)

Star Wars: The Old Republic (SWTOR) Campaign

SWTOR is my personal favorite campaign out of all of the ones I have run. This campaign is about to be on its fourth year running, mostly due to the fact it has been on and off. However, the campaign is about to reach its much-anticipated conclusion. If not for the investment of my players and myself, this campaign may have died off many years ago but it will finish strong in the coming weeks!

(We used a modified version of D&D 5e) 

Hunter x Hunter Campaign

This campaign takes place in the Hunter x Hunter universe and was one of the crazier games I have run. I had a co-DM help me run things and the number of players nearly reached double digits at some points. Unfortunately, after about a year, the campaign fell off without an official ending. Despite that being the case, there was still a ton of fun, memorable moments!

(We used a modified version of D&D 5e, including a custom combat system) 

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