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Mechromancer was a top-down 2D game that focused on a main storyline and quests with a turn-based combat system. After some development time, the game was able to reach an initial, functioning prototype but has since been scrapped for other ideas. Despite the scrapping of the project, a lot was learned about the game development process for me and my team as it was our first venture outside of the much simpler visual novel space.

A playable prototype is available to play right now for free on (link below)! A lot of the documentation made for this game did not make it to the game itself which includes a lot of narrative design and other aspects of game design. All of that documentation will be available below for you to see!

Although this project is abandoned, we are all still proud of what we were able to accomplish in the short time we worked on it and at the experience level we had at the time.

My team consisted of the following amazing people:

Me (Nathan Whitworth) - Project Lead, Narrative Lead, Game Designer

Jack Wagner - Music Lead, Game Designer, Head Programmer

Kelly Uyemura - Writer, Quest Designer

Lucas Torti - Game Designer, Artist, Programmer

Alexandra Patrascu - Artist, Editor, UI Artist, Graphic Designer

Zach Azer - Programmer

David Evanko - Programmer

Brendan Poma - Level Designer

Ethan - Music

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