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The Legend of Captain Squeek

The Legend of Captain Squeek is a 2D side-scroller horde survivor shooter game that has you playing as the titular Captain Squeek, attempting to survive the horde of Kaats that want to eat you. The first prototype of the game is available to play for free right now (link below)!

After some scrapped game projects/ideas following the release of our debut game, Lilith Was Dead, The Legend of Captain Squeek was the one that stuck. Currently, the project is being put on the back burner as we gear to put all of our time and resources into the production of Kittens With Cannons. However, following the eventual release of KwC, we plan to pick the project back up.

Although the current demo is short and very incomplete, you can find a ton of documentation (game design, narrative design, etc.) and art on the Notion page and on the Google Drive. Many of it contains massive improvements to the playable prototype.

My work on this project includes being the project lead, narrative lead, and game designer. I even have some prose work in the google drive centered around the story of Captain Squeek and his crew!

My team consists of the following amazing people:

Me (Nathan Whitworth) - Project Lead, Narrative Lead, Game Designer

Jack Wagner - Music Lead, Game Designer, Head Programmer

Kelly Uyemura - Writer

Willoh Tyler - Writer, Programmer

Lucas Torti - Game Designer, Artist

Annika Krein - Artist

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