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Lilith Was Dead - Visual Novel

The first game project I seriously worked on was the murder mystery visual novel, Lilith Was Dead. The game was initially a class project for my "Writing for Video Games" course but I had bigger ambitions for the project. I wanted to make it an official, professionally published game on Steam. I was able to convince my team to go along with my ambitions and we were able to achieve that goal. With me leading the project, we managed to develop and produce a fully finished game title that is playable on Steam. 

Since the game's release, it has sold over a hundred copies and has a 90% positive review score from Steam users. We did not publish the game with the goal of trying to make it a massive commercial success; we wanted to prove to ourselves that we could complete and finish a competent game with our own knowledge and talents. We had no funding for the game so any money made would only be a bonus to our achievement. We cared mostly about the experience we gained from the process of creating a game and hoped it would help us in our future endeavors in the video game industry.

If you would like a free copy of the game, I will be more than willing to provide one for any employers that want to see my work. My specific work in this game includes all of the coding/programming (all done in the Renpy engine), narrative design, game design, and dialogue editing. 

My team consisted of the following amazing people:

Me (Nathan Whitworth) - Project Lead, Narrative Designer, Coder, Game Designer

Kelly Uyemura - Writer, Scriptwriter, Character Artist, Voice Actor

Hannah Dulin - Head Scriptwriter, Editor, Voice Actor

Alexandra Patrascu - Background Artist, UI Artist, Graphic Designer

Jack Wagner - Music Lead

Caden Blackwood - Voice Actor

Lucas Torti - Voice Actor

Christopher Chang - Voice Actor

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