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Why I Founded Heat Wave Games

Before Heat Wave Games was even a thought, I took a course at Chapman University called "Writing for Video Games" which, as the name suggests, was a class that had us form a team with fellow classmates to create a fully finished game by semester's end. As my dream career is narrative writing within the game industry, I, of course, wanted to take this project above and beyond what was expected of us: I wanted to create a legitimate, professional, publishable video game that could be sold on an official/professional video game distribution service.

With my team fully on board with my plan, I founded the video game development company, Heat Wave Games, and together we created Lilith Was Dead, a murder mystery visual novel. Throughout the creation process, we managed to grow our team to more and more students until we had finally completed the project and debuted Lilith Was Dead on Steam where it is available for purchase now.

Now, as the company is now, its main purpose is not to sustain a living off of; at least not at this moment. The main purpose of its formation was to give us proper, legitimate experience in the game-making process to aid us in our future career paths. And since we were able to publish Lilith Was Dead to Steam with great success, it has given me and everyone that worked on it proven knowledge and experience with professional-level media content.

What started out as a simple class project eventually turned into a full-fledged, legitimate game project that lead to the formation of my company, Heat Wave Games.

(To potential employers: I am willing to provide free game keys in order to play Lilith Was Dead!)

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