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Kittens With Cannons

Kittens With Cannons is a 2D action RPG with a retro feel. The game features a roster of cats that the player can play as, each armed with weapons to take down killer robots. Kittens With Cannons is by far the most impressive game I have helped with as it has been in development for the longest, far before the founding of Heat Wave Games. A link to a free playable demo can be found below! 

I am not the creator of this game as it is the longtime passion project of my friend Lucas Torti, the owner of Bow Tie Cat Studios. Lucas and I are the leads on this game project, and we are just moving out of the game's pre-production phase. 

My roles currently on the project are lead narrative designer, writer, game content designer, and co-project lead.

Unlike the other projects, I will not share documentation of this game as it needs to be kept somewhat secret and I want to respect Lucas's ownership of the information.


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